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                                   Things       to       Consider

Health Concepts recognizes that in high profile and celebrity households the need for confidentiality is first and foremost. Accordingly, our office staff and caregivers are thoroughly trained and screened to insure your privacy is respected...

  Things you should know about you Home Health Care Agency

1. Ask the agency if employees are insured for malpratice, workers compensation insurance, bonded for theft, and covered for any breakage in the home.

2. Does the agency have reliable, 24-hour answering service, and an in-office person on call?

3. Are all their employees thoroughly and professionally screened as to work experience and personality traits?

4. Is the agency flexible as to the hours they will service you?

5. Does the agency coordinate services with your physician?

6. How many years experience does the agency have?

7. Who pays the employee and who is responsible for payroll deductions, i.e. social security, income tax, ect.?

8. some agencies' employees (such as those of registries) are not insured for malpractice, workers compensation, theft or breakage, and no social security is being paid. This then becomes your responsibility. Registry employees are independent contractorts. These agencies will charge less because they do not have the costly expences of other agencies that are employment contractors. Which type of agency you use should be a big concern of yours!

9. There are individuals who secure their own jobs through the newspaper, doctors' offices, and many other avenues. They will be cheaper, but could cost you alot more in the long run.
10. There are some good people working on their own. there are also many who do not work for agencies because they don't meet the high standards. Beware of the individual who doesn't supply recent and verifiable references, and always, always check the references when they are given.

11. Home health care is a very personal thing. Its important to know about the agency you are using and the type of person they are sending to your home. Don't let the agency or their employees intimidate you. Shop around. Ask questions.

12. All agencies are listed in the yellow pages under "Nurses & Nurse Registries." Feel comfortable with the person on the phone and the person coming into your home. If the person the agency sends is not satisfactory, either in skill level or personality, you should feel comfortable in requesting another person.
13. Although most of us don't like changes, if you are not completely satisfied with the agency you are using...change!

Health Concepts, Inc. provides this information so that in your time of need you will be knowledgeable and, most  comfortable with your home health care provider. If we can be of further service, please call... if we can't help you, we will refer you to someone who can. (Beware of agencies claiming to have years of experience in the health care industry, make sure to check their claims,check the year they opened for business, ect...?)

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